How to Use Biolustre

Youthful hair in just one application

Thank you for purchasing what we believe is the most significant breakthrough in hair care since shampoo. Biolustré has been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Biolustré is not a deep conditioner, hot oil treatment or like any reconstructor you have ever used before. Biolustré enters the hair shaft and binds to the hair with a synthetic, restructuring polymer that is chemically similar to hair. Biolustré rebuilds hair to a virgin state, you may then style as usual. For best results, please follow the directions.


Start with clean dry hair. Take notice of dry spots and damage. If needed, lightly shampoo to rid the hair and scalp of any dirt or product build-up.


Saturate hair with Biolustré making sure to lift layers of the hair and allow the product to penetrate all of the hair. For shoulder length hair you should be using 3 oz. – 4 oz. of product. Especially saturate the ends of the hair and dry spots.

3. DRY

Blow dry hair with either a bonnet dryer or a blow dryer. Both work. Biolustré is heat activated, so blow dry on medium to high heat. The product will become hard in the hair. This is normal. DO NOT COMB THROUGH THE HAIR as it will cause it to break. DRY ALL OF THE HAIR including the underlayers to get the best result.


Gently rinse hair with WARM water. Loosen the hair very slowly (being careful not to scrub the hair) until the hair no longer feels hard.


Once the hair is soft, wash at least twice. When possible, use a gentle clarifying shampoo. It is important to get all of the product out of the hair before styling. Use a moisturizing conditioner after rinsing out the product for best results.

Biolustré has now repaired the hair. Style as usual. Remember, Biolustré is not a topical conditioner, it will not wash out and does not replace a regular conditioner. You need only use again after hair has been re-damaged.