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1 Shampoo: Use Cleansing Shampoo 5.5ph to gently rid the hair of product buildup.

2 Towel Dry: Remove all excess moisture and comb tangles out gently.

3 Apply BIOLUSTRE Treatment: Evenly saturate root to ends, do not comb product through the hair it will cause breakage.

4 Dry Hair: Dry completely under hooded dryer or use hand held dryer. Do not move hair while drying. Product will become hard while it drying this means it is working. Dry all underlying layers completely as well.

5 Rinse: Gently rinse hair with warm water to loosen the hair. Be careful not to scrub the hair until the hair no longer feels hard.

6 Shampoo: Shampoo scalp thoroughly with Cleansing Shampoo, down hair shaft through ends twice. Hair will feel rough until you apply Conditioning Sealant. Leave Sealant on 5 minutes minimum. Use Daily Maintenance Shampoo to replace your daily shampoo or as a mini-treatment before or after chemical services to strengthen and restore hair.


Q. What is BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment?

A. It is an instant repair treatment to stop and help prevent damaged cause by chemical services and styling tools.

Q. What is BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment made of?

A. It is a polymer and protein based product that imitates hair to correct damage.

Q. What is the Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo?

A. It is a specialize combination of a hair shaft building shampoo, with polymers and protein that will give you a mini treatment every time you shampoo, this can be use daily.

Q. What is Conditioning Sealant?

A. This is a low 4.5ph conditioner with sealing and silkening agents to soften and make the hair shine. With great cooling and healing agents for the scalp without buildup or over moisturizing the hair.

Q. What is Cleansing Shampoo?

A. This is a gentle 5.5ph cleansing shampoo that can be use before BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment and after when shampooing treatment out of the hair. 

Q & A

a) Q & A When to Use BIOLUSTRE

Q. If I wanted to bleach my hair, when do I use BIOLUSTRE?

A. Same day Process: If you want to bleach your hair, use BIOLUSTRE AFTER you your process. It will repair the damage that bleaching does to the hair shaft and help with even toner deposit.

B. If hair is damaged and needs correcting before bleaching…use 2 to 7 days prior to service. This will ensure the scalp has not been over manipulated before bleach is applied. If hair was compromised while bleaching the BIOLUSTRE may be applied following service as well.

Q. If I wanted to highlight or color my hair, when do I use BIOLUSTRE?

A. If you want to highlight or color your hair, use BIOLUSTRE BEFORE or AFTER the process, depending on the condition of hair. Remember: Best color results on strongest hair shaft.

Q. If I wanted to perm or straighten my hair, when do I use BIOLUSTRE?

A. If you want to perm or straighten your hair, use BIOLUSTRE BEFORE your process. These processes are very hard on your hair so you would want your hair strong enough to take these processes without adding more excessive damage to the hair shaft.

Q. If my hair is over-processed, brittle and/or breaking, when do I use BIOLUSTRE?

A. If your hair has any of these conditions, use BIOLUSTRE IMMEDIATELY! Your hair is in desperate need of repair and this product can help put back what's been destroyed by these conditions. Not only that, but BIOLUSTRE can make you hair stronger, silkier and more manageable than before. I would suggest waiting a short time to do another chemical service. Follow with home Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo and Conditioning Sealant.

b) Q & A Hairpieces and Extensions

Q. Can BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment be used on hairpieces, extensions and add-on hair?

A. Yes. Only on 100% human hair, no blends or synthetics.

Q. Will BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment compromise the bonds of my extensions?

A. No, it is not an oily based product. It may even tighten the bond if it is a soft bond.

Q. What will the treatment do to the base of my hairpiece or add-ons?

A. Since the bases are made of a plastic, nylon, or mesh of some sort, try not to saturate the base for it may be difficult to remove.

Q. How often should I use the BIOLUSTRE shampoos and conditioner?

A. Use as your daily regimen to keep that continuing good results until your next big chemical treatment.

c) Q & A Ethnic Hair

Q. Can BIOLUSTRE Products be used on Black, Kinky or Afro hair types?

A. Yes.

Q. Can BIOLUSTRE Repair be used before or after chemical straightening?

A. Yes, one week before straightening or following straightening.

Q. How is BIOLUSTRE Repair applied to ethnic hair?

A. On clean towel dried hair…saturate evenly.

Q. When do I know when the treatment is finished?

A. When it is evenly dried and feels hard to the touch.

Q. How soon can I color my hair after a treatment?

A. You may color the hair the same day either before or after a treatment. (Reds are delicate should be treated before coloring.)

Q. How do I know when to treat the hair before or after a color?

A. If the hair feels damaged it needs treatment. We always want the hair in the best condition before coloring.

Q. How often should I use BIOLUSTRE Repair?

A. Apply when needed. Some clients like to have a treatment on a regular basis…about once every 4 to 8 weeks, unless needed more because of constant damage being done to the hair.

Q. Can BIOLUSTRE Repair be used before a curl?

A. Yes, it is advised to use before a curl to even the porosity of the hair shaft which will result in an even curl pattern.

Q. How often can I use the BIOLUSTRE shampoo and conditioners.

A. Use for you regular cleansing and conditioning needs. Why use anything else!

d) Q & A Chemo Patients

Q. Can BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment help my hair grow in thicker?

A. No, it will strengthen the hair, protect what hair is growing in, and help relieve brittleness. BIOLUSTRE works from the scalp to ends of the hair shaft, not below the scalp.

Q. Why will it not make my hair grow in thicker?

A. The hair grows from below the scalp in the follicle which can be affected by stress, medications, chemo, and nutrient levels. BIOLUSTRE products work on the hair shaft from scalp to ends.

Q. How often can I treat my hair with BIOLUSTRE Repair Treatment?

A. Use about once every 4 to 8 weeks for regular treatment requirements as needed. Although use the Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo and Conditioning Sealant for your normal shampoo and conditioning needs.

Troubleshooting Hints If Hair Feels Rough

Why does my hair feel dry after completing the treatment?

The product may not have been completely shampooed off the hair shaft. So you were not able to sufficiently moisturize the hair following the treatment.

Or, the cuticle layer of the hair may have been ruffed up too much while removing the product.

What can I do about this?

Wet the hair and shampoo with the Clarifying Shampoo massaging roots to ends thoroughly with the lather then rinse. Now do a second shampoo with the Maintenance Shampoo and let lather sit on hair shaft for 5 minutes. Rinse, now follow with the Renew Conditioning Sealant for 5-10 minutes and rinse with tepid to cool water.

Style as usual, although do not use styling products that may have heavy polymers in them…for they may be too sticky on the hair shaft while styling.

What is BIOLUSTRE Rescue Treatment, and what is the treatment actually doing to the hair shaft?

BIOLUSTRE Rescue fills all the holes in the hair that occur through chemical treatments and everyday styling.

The active ingredient in BIOLUSTRE Rescue is a flexible polymer that imitates a hair fiber locking itself inside the hair shaft rebuilding the hair to a stronger than normal state.

Completely drying the product into the hair sets the BIOLUSTRE Rescue Treatment inside the hair shaft. Removing excess product while shampooing is essential for proper moisture replacement with the Conditioning Sealant.


Very fine hair normally feels flossy and soft to the touch. After a BIOLUSTRE Rescue treatment the hair shaft may feel less soft because of filling in all the holes, creating a stronger thicker hair shaft. Shampooing with BIOLUSTRE's gentle 7.0 ph Daily Maintenance Treatment shampoo and condition with the Conditioning Sealant for the following 3 to 5 days will return the soft feel to the touch, yet have that extra strength that is needed and welcomed for fine hair.

(Maintenance Treatment Shampoo may be used as a daily shampoo with the Conditioning Sealant)

BIOLUSTRE Technical Guide

Product Knowledge

• Cleansing Shampoo 5.5ph- Mild cleansing shampoo designed to remove the oils and hair product prior to applying the Renew Repair Treatment.

• Rescue Repair Treatment is a cross-linking polymer based product designed to penetrate and repair damaged hair.

• Conditioning Sealant 4.6ph- A gentle conditioning treatment designed to hydrate the hair and lay the cuticle down at the end of the treatment process.

• Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo 7.0ph- This product has been designed to use as a mini-treatment to help maintain the positive results achieved with the Renew Repair Treatment. This is also a great daily shampoo that leaves no build up on the hair. 

Hair Preparation

1. Shampoo the hair lightly with BIOLUSTRE Cleansing Shampoo. Take care not to shampoo too vigorously. .You do not want to rough up the hair cuticle or irritate the scalp.

2. If the hair is difficult to comb out you may use a small amount of leave-in conditioner. Be sure not to use any silicone or oil based products. This will interfere with the Rescue Repair Treatment.

3. Place client under a hooded dryer or gently fluff dry the hair with a hand held dryer. Make sure you blow the hair in the direction of growth as not to rough up the cuticle.


1. The BIOLUSTRE Rescue Repair Treatment may be applied with either a brush or bottle application.

2. Start application at the top front or crown of head, taking ¼ inch sections, work the product from scalp to hair ends.

3. Apply evenly on hair shaft, using a generous amount of product to fully saturate the hair. Be sure not to over saturate the scalp area, as this will only result in waste of product and longer drying time. (DO NOT Comb through. Product begins to set as soon as it is applied)

Application Hints

a. No gloves are required for the application process.

b. After BIOLUSTRE Rescue Repair Treatment is applied to a section drape it over loosely so that air may flow through it. This will ensure that all hair will dry evenly. (Do not mash saturated hair to scalp)

Drying Process

1. Dry the hair thoroughly using a hooded or hand held dryer.

2. If clips are required to lift the hair up while under the dryer you may do so. Once the hair is dry Do Not remove the hair clips until you start rinsing and the hair softens.

3. The hair will become extremely hard as it dries. This is an indication that the process is working.

Drying Process Hints

a. Do not move hair around when hardened. This may cause breakage.

b. Check dryness at the scalp and areas where the hair has clumped together. You may want to finish drying the areas that are still damp with a hand held dryer for more direct heat. 

Rinse, Cleanse & Conditioning Process

1. This could be the most important process of the treatment. This is where most of your energy should be directed to achieve your NEW HAIR results.

2. Rinse the hair with luke warm water to break down the hardness. At this point you are not trying to rinse the product out of the hair; you are only trying to break it down. Follow with shampoo.

3. Using the BIOLUSTRE Cleansing Shampoo you will give the hair a very thorough and vigorous shampoo. Be sure to work the shampoo all around the perimeter, working down the hair shaft and the scalp to ensure you have removed all of the product. Rinse the hair and repeat this step.

4. Finish by applying the BIOLUSTRE Conditioning Sealant to the hair. Really work this product at roots, down the hair shaft through the ends with your hands or large tooth comb. This will re-hydrate and seal the hair.

Rinse, Cleanse &Conditioning Process Hints

a. Make sure you have removed all of the Rescue Repair Treatment from the hair before you go to style.

b. If there are a few flakes left attached to the hair you can comb through with a fine tooth comb to remove.


The beauty industry has been waiting for a product that truly does repair the hair. Now it's here! You can correct damaged hair in one treatment. Here are just a few of the other ways BIOLUSTRE can help your hair:

1. Fine hair becomes less fly away and more resilient to chemical services.

2. Thick, heavy hair that is usually considered in good condition has more shine, bounce and movement.

3. Natural as well as chemically processed curls have better definition.

4. Smoother, shinier results when blowing curly hair straight.

5. Allows more repeat chemical services by preventing breakage and over processing.

6. Color services take more evenly with less fading when pretreated with the BIOLUSTRE LustrelocTM Technology

Trouble Shooting

Please always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for any chemical services you perform.

Prior to any BIOLUSTRE treatments:

1. In cases of extremely dry, brittle hair or when working with African American textured hair you may want to pre-treat the hair with the BIOLUSTRE Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo and Conditioning Sealant before applying the full repair treatment. This will start to correct and soften the hair to ensure a more even result from the Rescue Repair Treatment. This should be done a couple of times the week prior to the full treatment service.

a. When performing this mini-treatment with the BIOLUSTRE Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo you will shampoo once, rinse and perform a second shampoo. This time you leave the shampoo in the hair for 3 minutes. (set your timer) While the suds are in the hair the LustrelocTM Technology is attaching itself to the hair shaft. This will result in a stronger, smoother hair shaft.

b. Okay, now you can rinse away the shampoo and follow with the BIOLUSTRE Conditioning Sealant. Please allow this product to stay in hair for 3 minutes before rinsing.

c. For professionals that do not yet have the BIOLUSTRE Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo you may use a moisturizing shampoo for the first shampoo, then follow with 1 part BIOLUSTRE Rescue repair and 3 parts moisturizing shampoo for the second shampoo. Allow this mixture to remain on the hair for 3 minutes, then rinse. (Do not follow with any kind of reconstructor or protein treatment) Follow with Conditioning Sealant, rinse and style. This treatment should not be performed more than twice a week on the hair.

After BIOLUSTRE Treatment

1. What if the hair feels dry or a bit rough after styling?

Answer: Product may not have been removed completely, cuticle may have been roughed up in the cleansing process, or your styling products may have too high a ph and are causing the cuticle not to lay down. The best solution for this is to shampoo with the Cleansing Shampoo, apply the Daily Maintenance Treatment and let the suds remain in the hair for 2-3 minutes, rinse and apply the Conditioning Sealant. Rinse and style.

2. Do I need heavy conditioners or styling aids after the treatment?

Answer: No. The BIOLUSTRE treatment has already sealed the hair and only requires a light leave in conditioner and light, low in ph styling aids to finish your New Hair look.

3. How do I correct dryness I am feeling in the hair? Answer: This is very easy to do. Just wet the hair, lightly towel dry and apply the Conditioning Sealant to the hair for three minutes. Rinse with cool water. Style hair. Or you may have to follow the steps in #1 Cleansing Shampoo, Daily Maintenance Shampoo, Conditioning Sealant, depending on the reasons for dryness.

Things to Remember

• Patch tests and strand tests are still required before performing any chemical service. Always follow manufacturer's directions for the products you are using. BIOLUSTRE Rescue in No Way changes that.

• BIOLUSTRE products repair the hair with LustrelocTM Technology in one application and remains until you damage the product back out of the hair.

• Virgin hair will benefit from this product as well… fine hair has more body; curly, frizzy hair is easier to work with and style.

• Treated hair is not virgin and will never be again. Although, BIOLUSTRE can take you as close to the strength and shine of virgin hair as possible when treating in between services.

• Multiple services can now be performed in the same day when the hair is treated between services with LustrelocTM Technology.


Multiple chemical services have been made easier for you…. But the basic rule still stands. NEVER mix a Sodium Hydroxide product and a Thio product on the same hair shaft. Know your products before perming and relaxing over bleached or colored hair. Hint: Some bleaches still contain Sodium Hydroxide in them. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to enjoy your soft, shiny and healthy hair with your new BIOLUSTRE Hair Treatment system.

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